Privacy policy and information use policy

We take the privacy of our customer seriously and we will only collect, register, hold, store, disclose, transfer, and use your personal information as shown below. Data protection is a matter of trust and privacy is important to us so we will only use your name and other information relating to you in the manner specified in this privacy policy, we will only collect information where we must do so and we will collect information only if it is relevant to our dealings with you. We will only keep your information as long as we are required by law or as important for the purposes for which it was collected. You can visit the site and browse without having to provide personal details. During your visit to the site you remain anonymous and at any time we can identify you unless you have an account on the site and log in with your username and password If you have any comments, suggestions, or complaints, you can contact us at

Collecting personal information

When you create an account on the Site , your personal information through the site,

the personal information we collect may include:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Contact number
  • Mobile phone number
  • Date of birth
  • Gender

We will only be able to collect your personal information if you voluntarily provide the information to us. If you choose not to provide your personal information to us or then withdraw your consent to our use of your personal information, we may not be able to provide you with our services. You can access and update your personal information provided to us at any time as described below. If you provide us with personal information about any third party, we assume that you have obtained the required consent from the relevant third party to share and transfer his personal information to us. If you register with Autoville using your social media account, link your Autoville account to your social media account or use some other social media features, we may be able to access information about you that you voluntarily provided under your social media sites through the provider’s policies and manage your data collected in accordance with Autoville’s privacy policy.

Use and disclose personal information.

The personal information we collect from you will be used for some or all of the following purposes:

  • to facilitate your use of the services (as specified in the terms of use) and/or access to the site;
  • to process orders you send through the site, whether the products have been sold before (Autoville). Or from a third party. Payments you make via the products website, whether they have been sold before (Autoville). Or from a third party, it will be processed by our authorized agents;
  • To deliver the products you purchased through the site.
  • To inform you of product delivery and customer support purposes;
  • Furthermore, we will use the information you provide to manage your account (if any) with us; verify and implement financial transactions related to your online payments; review data downloads from the site; improve planning and/or Content and allocation of site pages to users; identifying visitors on the site; searching demographics and user behaviors; providing you with information that we believe may find useful or that you have requested from us, provided that you have indicated that you have not objected to contacting you for these purposes;
  • When you register an Autoville account or provide us with personal information through the website, we will also use your personal information to send you marketing and/or promotional materials about our products and services from time to time. You can suspect that you will receive marketing information at any time using the suspect function within the e-marketing materials. We can use your contact information to send newsletters from us and our relevant companies;
  • In exceptional circumstances (Autoville) personal information may be needed, such as when there are reasons to believe that disclosure is necessary to prevent a risk to life or health, or for law enforcement purposes, or to meet legal and regulatory requirements and requests.

(Autoville) may share your personal information with third parties and our affiliates for the above purposes, specifically, completing the transaction with your account management and our relationship with you, marketing, and meeting any legal or regulatory requirements and requesting, if necessary, Autoville in the exchange of your personal information with them, we seek to ensure that our third parties maintain the security of your personal information from unauthorized access to collect, use and disclose, Or similar risks and keep your personal information only as long as they need your personal information to achieve the above purposes.

Autoville does not work in the sale of personal information to third parties.
All credit/debit card details and personal information: will not be sold or shared rented or leased to any third party.

Withdrawal of approval

You may inform your objection to our continued use and/or disclosure of your personal information for any purpose as described above at any time by contacting us at our email address below.
Please note that if you report your objection to our use and/or disclosure of your personal information for the purposes and method mentioned above, depending on the nature of your objection, we may not be in a position to continue to provide our products or services to you or to execute any contract we have with you. Our rights and legal remedies are expressly reserved in such a case

Update your personal information

You can update your personal information at any time by accessing your account on the Site (Autoville) if you do not have an account with us, you can do so by creating one on the site.
We take steps to share up-to-date information on your personal information with third parties and with our partners with whom we have shared your personal information if your personal information is still necessary for the above purposes.

Access to your personal information

If you would like to see the personal information we have about you or inquire about how your personal information was used or disclosed by Autoville, please contact us at our email address below. We reserve the right to charge reasonable administrative fees to retrieve your information records.

If you have an account (Autoville), you can access the details of your orders by registering in your account on the site. Here you can see the details of your orders pledging to process your username, password, and order details confidentially and not make them available to unauthorized third parties. We can assume no responsibility for misuse of username, password or request details, except as stated in the terms of use.

Secure your personal information

Autoville does not guarantee that all information collected will be stored safely and securely. We protect your personal information:

  • Restrict access to personal information
  • Retain technological products to prevent unauthorized access to computers
  • Safely destroy your personal information when it is not needed for any legal or commercial purpose

The 128-bit ssl playlist uses encryption technology when processing your financial details. SSL encryption of approximately 128 bits takes at least a trillion years to break, which is the industry standard.

If you believe your privacy has been compromised by Autoville, please contact us at our email address below

Your password is your account key, please use unique numbers, messages, and personalities, and do not share your password with anyone. If you share your password with others, you will be responsible for all actions taken in the name of your account and consequences. If you lose control of your password, you may lose significant control over personal information and other information provided to (Autoville). You can also be subject to legally binding actions taken on your behalf. Therefore, if your password is compromised for any reason or if you have reason to believe that your password has been compromised, you should immediately contact us and change your password. You are reminded to sign out of your account and close your browser when you finish using your shared computer.

Minors (young)

Autoville doesn’t sell tickets or packages for purchase by children. If you are under the age of 18, you can use our website only with the participation of a parent or guardian.

Computer data collection

(Autoville) may use cookies, web beacons and other similar information storage techniques to help provide you with a better, faster, safer and personal experience when using services and/or accessing the site. When you visit Autoville, our company’s servers will automatically record the information your browser sends whenever you visit a site. These data may include:

  • Ip address your computer.
  • Browser type
  • The web page you were visiting before you arrived at our site.
  • Pages on the site you visit
  • The time it takes to search those pages, items and information on the website, time, dates, and other statistics.

This information is collected for analysis and evaluation to help us improve our website and our services and products.

Cookies are small text files (usually consisting of letters and numbers) that are placed in the memory of your browser or device when you visit a site or display a message. It allows us to recognize a particular device or browser and helps us personalize content that suits your favorite interests more quickly to a site that is more relevant and useful to you.

You may be able to manage and delete cookies through your browser or device settings. For more information on how to do this, visit the auxiliary materials from your browser or device.

Web beacons are small photographs that can be included in our service and on the website. It allows us to calculate users who have seen these pages so that we can better understand your preferences and interests.

Changes in privacy policy and data use policy

The Autoville should regularly review the adequacy of this privacy policy. We reserve the right to amend and change our privacy policy at any time. Any changes to this policy will be posted on the website.

You acknowledge and agree that Autoville is not entitled to disclose your personal information to any government legal and regulatory authorities, law enforcement taxes, other authorities or rights holders if Platinum does not have reasonable grounds to believe that disclosure of your personal information necessary to meet any obligations of requirements or arrangements, whether voluntary or mandatory, as a result of cooperation with the system, investigation and/or request of any kind by these parties. To the extent permitted by applicable law, you agree not to take any action and/or waive your rights to take any action against (Autoville) to disclose your personal information in these circumstances.

If you wish to withdraw your consent to the use of your personal information, request access and/or correct your personal information, you have any queries, comments or concerns, or require any technical assistance or cookies – related matters, please do not hesitate to contact us by

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